Spring Murder Mystery Play Has Been Cast!

Dr. Azalee Bostroem to Speak on ‘How Giant Stars End Their Lives’ at the March Skygazers Meeting

Swim Club Is Offering Its 20th Free ‘Let’s Swim’ Clinic March 6-22

Treasures for Wisconsin Fans on February 20

The Transplanted Gardener – May 2014

Agave werberi commonly known as century plant

Zann Wilson Residents of SaddleBrooke Ranch, if you have noticed the strange asparagus stalk coming from the center of the large blue-gray agave botanically named Agave weberi near the north wall of the main entrance, you are witness to the near birth of a rare century plant bloom. The bloom stalk could be as much…

How Does Your Garden Grow – May 2014

Scaevola is a hardy annual.

Louise Grabell I love blue flowers. Someone once said that blue flowers mean sex. I must have a really sexy garden because of the blue irises, salvias, scabiosa, asters, etc. But one really stands out as the sexiest blue flower you ever saw: scaevola [Scaevola aemula]. This is a very hardy annual and in fact…

Honor Flight, Flight #12  April 5-7, 2014

Anne LePere, 92, with Guardian Daughter Laura LePere

Jerry Lujan The Departure Honor Flight Southern Arizona departed Tucson early on the morning of April 5. On board were 25 World War II Veterans and their 23 Guardians. Thanks to the Honor Flight program they were on a free trip to visit their memorials in Washington, D.C. This is a breakdown of the Veterans:…

Dog parks: naughty or nice?

Susan Richards I remember the good old days when children and the family dog(s) left after breakfast on good weather days and didn’t return until it was suppertime. Now, however, dogs are limited to their leash, their yard or inside their home. The dog park concept, giving dogs an off-leash experience, originated in California in…

Culinary travel the hottest new trend in travel

Ginny Sellen Culinary travel has emerged as a leading travel trend in the last ten years as more and more travelers become interested in exploring local food trends, cooking techniques and food history. This type of cultural immersion can be found in many of the top travel and cruise companies around the globe. No matter…