SaddleBrooke Tennis Club hosts volunteer appreciation party

Debbie McGeehan and Melanie Murphy

Debbie McGeehan and Melanie Murphy

Melanie Murphy

On October 23, 2014, the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club (STC) Board hosted a party to honor and show appreciation to the many member volunteers who provided service to the club in 2014. The dedication and willingness of the members to volunteer to serve in so many capacities provides strength and vitality to the STC organization and has contributed immensely to everyone’s enjoyment of tennis here in SaddleBrooke.

A total of 63 member volunteers donated freely of their time, energy and expertise to support the club during the past year. Several received an award for their exceptional service to the club.

Debbie McGeehan served as the social chair to organize the tennis club social events throughout the year. With her leadership and the support of numerous very capable volunteers, the club hosted seven very fun tennis social events that included on court play followed by wonderful potluck luncheons. The club sponsored three Organized Play Socials to provide an opportunity for members to meet other players. There will be two holiday events for the members, one a dinner with dancing and a New Year’s Eve tennis mixed doubles event.

The Tennis Club Championship held in the spring was directed by Joyce and Richard Wantuck and is a very popular event. This three week tournament includes all levels of players in competition that concludes with awards for the winners in each event.

Riley Jackson, the club webmaster, assures that the STC website is operating and the information is up to date and accessible. Volunteer members provide expertise and time to assure that the Rules and Bylaws are relevant, audit the financial reports to assure integrity and maintain the club member telephone directory. A team of volunteer members led by Frank Valenti helps to maintain the condition of the windscreens and nets on the tennis courts and two others are dedicated to keeping the ball machines stocked with balls.

The STC sponsored a booth at the SaddleBrooke Activities Fair in February and also has a member who serves as a publicity and communication person to provide information about the club activities and acknowledge member accomplishments.

The STC Volunteer Appreciation Party was a fun event and the STC Board extends a warm thank you to each and every one of its wonderful volunteers.