Help with hearing loss

Hearing loss is invisible yet it affects so many here in SaddleBrooke. Several of your neighbors have joined us in finding a way to resolve issues that interfere with our ability to hear. For date, time and location of future meetings, please email [email protected]. We invite you to come join us. One of the things we will discuss is The Loop. Have you ever wondered what the picture with this article represents? Well, it is one of the best ways to improve your hearing options here at SaddleBrooke. Come to our next meeting and we will help you discover what it is and how you can use it to hear in the Performing Arts Center and the Ballroom. Discover how to be less isolated and frustrated. We talk about things like our ability to hear in certain gathering places here in SaddleBrooke and also adapting to different environments like restaurants and other public places. People leave our meetings with a sense of satisfaction in knowing there are others who understand what they are facing.

Come join us and learn how to have a better life with better hearing. We look forward to you bringing along a spouse, friend or anyone who wants to know more.

For more information call Jennifer Jefferis at 360-909-6212.