SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club

The SBLDC Music Committee

Listen to the music

What would a line dance be without music? It wouldn’t! A couple months (issues) ago we, the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club, explored the origin of our dances. Now let’s look at where the music comes from.

The SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club has a Music Committee whose responsibility is to provide a variety of music to ensure our club dances remain fresh and fun. We are unique in that we provide a number of songs to the same dance; up to five different songs per dance! This is marvelous payback to learning a single dance. How does that happen? Members of the Music Committee keep their “ear” open to similar rhythms. It often comes from a song on the car radio. Then it is “field tested” by Music Committee members who verify it by dancing alongside their laptops or desk computers. Their spouses just have to get over it!

New dances come with music called the “signature song.” The Music Committee is responsible for reviewing that music to look for “events” such as a pause, a tag or a restart. Music may also be altered to better fit the dance. The committee utilizes special music software that allows them to slow down, speed up or shorten songs. This is especially important for teaching purposes.

The club maintains a large database of music and the committee reviews and updates that list on a regular basis. The committee also assists the Social and Program Committees as needed for social events by providing special party dance playlists.

Like all of our volunteer committees, the Music Committee is an integral part of the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club. Without it we would soon tire of a worn-out song. Dorothy Wood chairs the committee with members Diana Carbone, Terri Gage, Bertie Litchfield, Linda Weiss and Judy Saks.

For information about the club visit our website at or contact Dorothy Wood at [email protected]. Membership dues are only $10 a year. Join us and benefit from all the Music Committee does on and off the dance floor.