Finding the fun in fitness and a class that is right for you at HOA 2

Katia Cardenas

Exercise is one of the easiest and most effective ways of improving both physical and mental health, as well as lowering your risk for serious health problems; a little exercise can ease depression, anxiety and boost energy and mood. No matter your age or fitness level, there are lots of enjoyable ways to use physical activity to help you feel better, look better and enjoy life.

Quick — Where can you go to sway like a belly dancer, build muscular strength, improve posture, improve bone density or stretch into relaxation? And, that’s just to name a few! HOA 2 Group Fitness Classes have entered a new era and their offerings surpass simple aerobics by leaps and bounds. At HOA 2 we offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels. If you are new in fitness, or have been doing it your whole life, you want to improve your golf, pickleball or tennis game, recover from an injury, improve your flexibility, and enhance your dancing or if you just want to have fun, we have it all!

For many people exercising in a group increases motivation and adds enjoyment to a fitness program. Having a regular time and place to work out can also benefit those of us who have trouble fitting exercise into a busy schedule. But, if you are new to the world of fitness classes, the array of choices may be overwhelming.

If you don’t know how to decide on the right exercise class for you, consider the following points:

What type of exercise activity interests you the most?

Years ago, generic aerobics classes were the norm. Today you can choose among dance aerobics, strength training, spinning, total fitness, core, low-impact aerobics, Yoga, Pilates and water aerobics, just to name a few.

Can you observe a class or take a trial class for free before you commit?

Yes! At HOA 2 you can take the first class for free! Trying the class will give you a good idea if it will meet your needs. Start with something comfortable and slowly progress toward more difficult classes. You may also modify any of our classes to an easier or even harder level. Instructors can show you how to do this.

Mix it up! A good workout routine should include:

Strength training: Core, Pilates and Strength Training

Cardiovascular endurance=happy heart: Cardio dance, Zumba, Indoor Cycling, Aqua Aerobics and Belly Dancing

Flexibility: Yoga and Stretch

Some classes mix all of the above components in one class: Cardio dance and tone, Cardio Circuit, Core and More, Healthy Joints, Chair Fitness, Posture and Balance and Total Training.

We offer 35 classes each week at HOA 2.

Finding a class that you enjoy and you can benefit from should be your priority. Be aware of your fitness level, listen to your body and work steady and strongly to increase your fitness level and get you where you want to be!

If you have any questions about any of our classes please call 818-1172 or 770-5312.

All classes are held in the MountainView Mesquite Fitness Room. Classes are just $5 and first class is free. Tickets can be purchased at the HOA 2 Administrative Office. We look forward to seeing you in class soon!