Exciting news – Health Fair expands

Phyllis Ketring, Publicity Coordinator

The SaddleBrooke Health Fair is growing. The fair has become so popular that the planning committee is forced to turn away nearly 30 exhibitors each year.

This year, the fair will be expanding. In addition to the space at SaddleBrooke One, space has been reserved at the MountainView Clubhouse. Immunizations and the Healthwaves diagnostic tests will be available at MountainView. The physicians’ presentations will also be held there.

The new logistics mean that we can welcome more exhibitors at SaddleBrooke One. This format also provides private space at MountainView for immunizations as well as audio-visual support for the doctors’ presentations. There will be new issues to be addressed and solved, and we will face those challenges to make the Health Fair not only bigger, but better.

The new plan definitely creates the need for more volunteers.

Health Fair 2019 will be Saturday morning, October 12. Volunteers work in 90-minute shifts, so they can visit the exhibits themselves. There are many volunteer duties. The set-up team is physically active and helps move vendors into the clubhouse. The traffic team is on their feet outdoors and hard at work in the parking lot. Volunteers on the assist team answer questions and move about the fair. There are less physically active roles at the information desk or the survey table.

The shuttles will be running every ten minutes between the two clubhouses, and we will need volunteers on the buses as tour guides to explain the new arrangement and help fairgoers locate their favorite exhibits. A script will be provided.

We encourage you to contact Dave Mersy, Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected].

You will be hearing from him later this year as teams are being formed and orientation is scheduled.

The SaddleBrooke Health Fair is another project brought to you as one of the many health and wellness activities available in SaddleBrooke. For the latest health and wellness activities and links to senior services outside the community, go to sbseniors.org.