WOOO Out and About

Dee Berisha

Vincent Van Gogh came to Oro Valley, so the WOOO (Women On Our Own) Day Trippers went out to greet him and, in some cases, to meet him. Approximately 20 members of WOOO attended the highly talked-about event of Van Gogh, an Immersive Experience, held in August and September at the Oro Valley Marketplace. A vacant store had been converted to an immersion exhibit allowing views into the short life of the great artist.

Each of us found our own way through the self-tour of Van Gogh’s life, which featured short descriptive pieces that were accompanied by the works of art that represented these times in the life of this great and troubled artist. Learning that Van Gogh never lived long enough to appreciate the immense influence that he was to receive from future artists and generations to come was both sad and heartwarming. A small amphitheater with a moving display of his life and arts as well as a virtual tour opportunity, both at the end of the exhibit, were a highlight of the event.

A man who was ahead of his time in the appreciation of and support of nature and climate, Van Gogh was also plagued with mental illnesses such as depression and schizophrenia, as well as seizures, all which became more pronounced in the last few years of his life.

Ironically, Van Gogh’s time spent in an asylum toward the end of his life produced many of his greatest pieces of art, which now grace the halls of museums around the world as well as a few private collections. His use of vibrant colors is even more amazing after learning that he was color blind.

This artist took his own life at the young age of 37, never having received any monetary appreciation for his work.

The WOOO Day Trippers are out investigating more treasures to be found in Tucson and the surrounding areas. So, stay tuned, because exploring and learning is what WOOO Day Trippers thrive on!

If you are a single woman in SaddleBrooke who is not in a committed relationship and is interested in learning more about what WOOO has to offer, please join our 250 members in the many activities on our busy monthly calendar. Dues are $10 per year. Please contact our president Charly McInroy at 603-387-0149 or [email protected] for more information.