Whirling, Twirling SilverBelles

Claudia Booth

The SaddleBrooke SilverBelles are thrilled to welcome our newest member, Shaun Herndon, to their dance team.

Shaun is a very talented and accomplished performer. She has been performing all of her life as an award-winning, competitive baton twirler.

She is a two-time World National Baton Champion, an Iowa and Midwest Champion, a three-time World National Hoop Baton Champion, and a Golden Girl Solo Baton Twirler for the University of Nebraska, just to name a few—whew!

She has performed at the Sugar Bowl and two Fiesta Bowls. She has also coached and choreographed twirlers in Germany, Okinawa, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas.

Shaun taught ESL (English as a Second Language) in Korea to executives and government officials.

Shaun and her husband Brian moved to SaddleBrooke this past July.

Shaun is a bright and shining addition to the group and will be delighting our audiences in the future with her amazing twirling.

If you are interested in possibly performing with the SilverBelles, contact Ann Kurtz at 520-419-6255.