Two more Pima Cup matches for the M-PMGA

Bob Edelblut

On Monday, April 20 six players representing the M-PMGA arrived at the Ventana Canyon Golf and Racquet Club, the host club for this day’s Pima Cup competition. Doug Johnson and Fred Schneider were our A team. Our B team was Tom Fitzgerald and Richard Hicks and our C team was Ron Victor and Tony Blunt. All of our players were seasoned veterans and experienced in Pima Cup competition. Our match that day was against the team representing the El Conquistador Golf Club. Doug and Fred won by a single point in a hard fought battle in their match. Unfortunately, our B and C teams did not fare quite as well and we lost the overall match by a score of 30.5 to 23.5. Congratulations and many thanks are due those players who took the time to represent our Men’s Club in this competition.

The next stop on the Pima Cup tour was on May 6 and the host club was the SaddleBrooke Ranch Golf Club. Our match was against a team from the Gallery Golf Club and we fielded six new players eager to do battle. Bruce Fink and Al Bolty were our A players. Ted Olson and Larry McNamee were our B players and Peter Campbell and Darryl Henderson were our C players. The Gallery team was victorious but the individual match scores truly show that our teams were very competitive. Bruce and Al fought to a tie in the A team match and our B and C teams only lost their matches by scores of 10.5 to 7.5. Again we thank all of you for your efforts.