Pickleball Part Two: Why pickleball matters to SaddleBrooke?

Andrea Molberg

The game of pickleball is not just something fun to play; it is also good for SaddleBrooke’s health and finances. Last month’s article “Pickleball, Part One: Popularity Growing” described how pickleball has taken off as the hottest sport for active adults nationwide. Why is that important?

The health benefits of pickleball are easy to see, but the financial benefits of pickleball may not be. Those who don’t play pickleball probably question its importance, but consultants emphasize that desired amenities, like pickleball, are crucial to maintaining property values in active adult communities.

Master planning committees of active adult communities have identified pickleball as one of the critical factors for future growth. According to Active Adult Marketing’s February 2014 blog, Pickleball “might be the BEST amenity for 55+ active adult communities.” The blog explains, “Pickleball is not a heavy impact game. Tennis, golf, and other higher impact games are hard on bodies as they get older. Pickleball is a game that anyone can pick up and play on their first try. The learning curve is not very big before you start having fun. You’ll find that it will quickly become the most used amenity within your community.”

SaddleBrooke was built as a tennis and golf community, and both activities remain important. (Rick Waldorf, VP of SaddleBrooke’s Tennis Club, corrected my error as reported last month; the club has 394 not 320 members.) As popularity of pickleball skyrockets, active adult communities everywhere are adding courts to meet the demand and to attract new homeowners. Recognizing the draw to the sport, RCI is adding more pickleball courts at their communities that are currently under development, where land is available for additional amenities.

Robson Community

Pickleball Tennis

courts courts

PebbleCreek 20 13

Quail Creek 16 6

Robson Ranch AZ 16 4

Robson Ranch TX 6 4

SaddleBrooke 6 (as of 9/15) 20

SaddleBrooke Ranch 24 (as of 12/15) 2

The scarcity of pickleball courts in SaddleBrooke not only has existing homeowners who play pickleball frustrated, but potential buyers and renters who play the sport likely looking elsewhere. Buyers will go where they can play, causing sales of new and existing homes to suffer.

While you may not have immediate plans to sell or rent your home, keeping our SaddleBrooke community desirable protects your home’s value and improves your chance to sell or rent it when the time comes. We have a responsibility to adapt our amenities to those that prospective homeowners will be looking for in the future.

Our community has committed itself to promoting an active adult lifestyle with resort style amenities. SaddleBrooke has a great location with beautiful golf courses, pools and tennis courts. Having popular amenities like pickleball will attract future buyers, keep SaddleBrooke competitive, and in turn maintain our investment in our homes. Pickleball is a way to keep SaddleBrooke and its residents physically and financially healthy.