Tucson Business Owners, Inc. Supports Teachers

Dr. Ed Ackerley

Why: Treasures4Tucson is filling supply bags for schools

Tucson Business Owners, Inc. will collect school supplies July 1 through August 15 at Sparkle Cleaners (15 Tucson locations) in conjunction with Treasures4Teachers Tucson. According to Dr. Ed Ackerley, president of Tucson Business Owners, “the goal is to prepare packets going home to kids and families so they have learning materials for the start of the school year.”

According to Heath Bolin, owner of Sparkle Cleaners, “This is an excellent opportunity for the business community to work to support schools.” Donations can be made at the 15 Sparkle Cleaners locations throughout metropolitan Tucson. Donations requested include paper and pencils, rulers, erasers, markers, colored pencils, plastic baggies, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and other school materials.

The mission of Treasures4Teachers Tucson is to promote earth-friendly education and ensure that students and classrooms across Arizona have the tools for learning by transferring the community’s surplus materials into the hands of educators and students. A 501(c)(3) organization, volunteers provide educators with hands-on interactive learning materials for use in their classrooms (and at home) through donated and re-purposed items, as well as raising funds to support this purpose, with the slogan “Give them the tools!” On average, every year, teachers in America spend $1,500 or more out of their own salaries on school supplies for their students. Treasures4Teachers Tucson bridges the gap between the great need of teachers and resources available in the business community.

Tucson Business Owners, Inc. is a group of local owners who advocate with municipal and state government leaders, educate group investors about issues and policies affecting profitability, and undertake sustainable marketing to communicate values for profitability.

For information about Tucson Business Owners, Inc., visit tucsonbusinessowners.org. To learn more about Treasures4Teachers Tucson, visit t4teachers.org. Tucson … It’s pretty cool!