Tennis and eegees!

Ritchel Duffy

Debbie McGeehan

The saying goes, “Take it easy, have an eegee!” That’s exactly what the tennis and POP players did on Saturday, Aug. 6.

SaddleBrooke tennis courts were filled with action in the morning. There were courts of organized mixed doubles play, along with men’s doubles and courts of POP players. Warm and humid days make it the perfect time for a cold eegee!

This has been the fourth time TJ and Ritchel Duffy have provided eegees for our Saturday tennis group. Many thanks to Ritchel for picking up this refreshing treat and having it ready for almost 25 of us to quench our thirsts! Piña colada and lemon were the two delicious flavors served by Ritchel.

Jeff and Anne Williams brought their two young grandchildren to the patio to meet everyone and have an eegee. They enjoyed the dessert as much as we enjoyed meeting them! It was another wonderful get-together on our tennis patio sharing good times with friends. Thank you, TJ and Ritchel, for keeping us “cool”!