Tai Chi and arthritis

Carol Emerson

Lately, I’ve been learning first-hand how tai chi can help with arthritis. I turned 70 and as many of you may have experienced, things can start to go awry. Well, it seems I have some arthritis! And one thing I’ve found is that doing tai chi, especially the exercise we call “tai chi walking,” has helped immensely to create more mobility in my feet. My friends have recommended CBD oil to help with my arthritis, particularly the pain, too. I will stick with my tai chi for now, but if it continues to get worse I may visit a cbd shop.

There is quite a bit of information you can find about how tai chi benefits us as we age. Increased flexibility and range of motion are some of the main ones. It is so important that we all keep as active as possible to keep our bodies moving smoothly and efficiently. Just because we used to be able to do things, doesn’t mean it is a forever guarantee (without effort on our part).

One of the great things about tai chi is that it is very gentle and easy on the body. When done slowly and deliberately, with focused awareness, tai chi brings relaxation to both the body and the mind.

As we move into monsoon season, you might want to come inside to a cool studio and learn a little tai chi. Tai Chi classes taught by black belt instructors are offered all year right here in SaddleBrooke. No experience is necessary. If you do have some limiting medical issues, be sure to check with your doctor first! If there is an issue meaning you can’t practice Tai Chi for medical reasons, you can search for other methods to reduce pain and symptoms of arthritis. Cannabis has been acknowledged to be a natural form of pain relief that many people with arthritis use to reduce symptoms. Visit this website for access of cannabis if this is an option that could possibly enrich your lifestyle, but don’t rule out Tai Chi if you haven’t already tried it! See you soon!

Beginning Class: Tuesday 9:05–10:05 a.m.

Intermediate Class: Saturday 12:30–1:30 p.m.

Advanced Class: Saturday 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Location: SaddleBrooke One Fitness Center

Cost: $10 per class, cash or check

For questions or to register, call Carol or Ken at 520-784-1475 or 520-373-3778. Private lessons available by appointment.