Summer Squares

SaddleBrooke Squares’ website has online video lessons.

SaddleBrooke Squares’ website has online video lessons.

It’s not your mother’s square dancing anymore! Modern square dancing has been influenced by the younger next generation. Fluffy crinoline short skirts are now seen alongside those choosing to wear long skirts; men look like sharp shooting cowboys with snappy accents like country western shirts, bolos and big belt buckles. The music is neither Ozark hillbilly nor just current and classic country. Square dancing is now done to today’s upbeat toe tapping popular hits by today’s artists. The venue is not a basement or old run down barn, but fun venues like the Chaparral, Oracle Inn Saloon, El Rancho Robles, outside at the Tennis Pavilion dancing under the stars, Rancho Vistoso Ballroom and the MountainView Ballroom. Festivals held in downtown Tucson, Show Low, Yuma, Mesa, Phoenix and San Diego, etc. are in rooms that are spacious and airy with good flooring, excellent lighting and good acoustics to accommodate comfort and a good time.

Different callers each with their entertaining jokes make it even more fun. There is no fancy footwork to memorize, just walking! Everyone in the square helps everyone else move in the right direction. A team effort that is challenging and fun. Everyone messes up anyway from time to time. Laughter is part of the experience. Muscle memory kicks in and soon you are allemande-ing and do-si-doeing. Moving keeps everyone on their toes, thinking, healthy and young. Come watch! Make new friends, learn new skills and feel good about yourself.

Stop in any Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at the MountainView Ballroom for our club dances and to check us out. Club dances will continue to be held in June, July and August! Those already familiar with square dancing and those wanting to see if they will like it are welcome. The Plus Call Workshops began in May. Give us a Whirl, our introduction to square dancing will start on Sunday, October 11 so mark your calendars in October for Sunday and Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m. for beginner workshops.

Singles are welcome and are partnered up in the squares. Log on to the HOA 2 website and go to the link for clubs; the SaddleBrooke Squares website has online video lessons with a list of calls demonstrated by our square dancers plus DVDs for learning at home as an additional aid. Don’t let the grass grow under your feet! Beat it!