State Parties: The Countdown Begins for the Wisconsin Party Ticket Sales

Barbara Barr Bengen

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2024! That’s the first day you can purchase your tickets for the Wisconsin Party 2024! Tickets will be sold from Jan. 2 through Feb. 3, unless they run out! So, don’t wait until Groundhog Day to snag your tickets!

Tickets include a buffet dinner and entertainment for $35 per person. Be sure to snag your ticket quickly, as space is limited. Just reach out to one of our Wisconsin Party ticket representatives:

• Cindy Witt, 608-334-1785 (SaddleBrooke)

• Maureen Murphy, 414-507-9818 (SaddleBrooke Ranch)

• Julie Klarkowski, 920-562-7642 (SaddleBrooke)

• Carolyn Bewalda, 414-254-4369 (SaddleBrooke)

Just when you thought a party couldn’t get any better, this year’s party promises to be better than ever! Under the leadership of Shelia Ratza, the 2024 Wisconsin Party will be even bigger and better. Returning to entertain us again this year are WTMJ’s favorite drive-time disc jockey Jonathan Green and SaddleBrooke’s O’Briens on accordion. But there are also lots of new opportunities!

One of the highlights of the Wisconsin Party is always the program by the King of Milwaukee Drive Time, Jonathan Green. This year, in addition to entertaining us with his wit and wisdom, Jonathan will also be demonstrating his skills as an auctioneer. A member of the W Club has donated some amazing UW treasures to be auctioned. You will want to bring your checkbook to the party!

Another highlight of the Wisconsin Party is SaddleBrooke’s O’Briens. On their accordions, they will roll out the barrel so we can all have a barrel of fun! They will again be serenading us with the songs of America’s Dairyland.

Still another highlight of the Wisconsin Party is the cash raffle. This year there will be a slight change in the cash raffle. They will only be selling tickets for the cash raffle in the early part of the evening. This gives the ticket sellers more time to prepare the cash prizes! So, snag your tickets as quickly as you can. When the King of Milwaukee Drive Time announces the end of ticket sales, it’s time to Stop!

One of the new highlights this year will be a live auction. Jonathan Green will display his auctioneer skills on two items donated by a member of the W Club. One treasure is a beautifully framed photo from the last time Wisconsin beat Ohio State. What an incredible sea of red! The second treasure is framed memorabilia from the W Club. Bring your checkbooks so that one of these treasures can adorn your home or office.

Another new highlight this year is even more door prizes. The ticket sellers will also be taking donations of Wisconsin memorabilia and foods, as well as cash donations. If you would like to make a financial contribution or contribute a door prize, please take it to your ticket seller when you pick up your tickets.

Don’t miss the 2024 Wisconsin Party! It’s gonna be great!