State Parties

Gathering Up the Cheese (Heads)

Jonathan Green

Push Valentine’s Back a Day in 2023!

SaddleBrooke’s annual Gathering-Of-The-CheeseHeads will be Wednesday, Feb. 15 at SaddleBrooke One with a no-host bar at 5 p.m. and dinner at 6 p.m. Great food, great SaddleBadger friends, door prizes, raffle drawings, and verbal grenades tossed at neighboring states by MC GoofyGreen.

Get your tickets ($35 per person) immediately! Do not put it off waiting for da Packers to make da playoffs.

Da Food!

SaddleBrooke One always serves us well. This year, dry rubbed pork ribs, chicken thigh quarters, and, naturally, all the add-ons you’ve come to expect will be on the buffet tables. Oh yes, there will be cookies for dessert.

Da Udder SaddleBadgers!

Because you asked, tables of eight can be reserved. Get your group together and contact a ticket seller for a table reservation form. (If you are on the email list, you already have one as an attachment.) Fill it out for each person or couple. Gather all the checks, payable to Wisconsin Friends, and then return it to your friendly ticket seller with the funds. If this is too complicated for you and you find that you are unable to follow these instructions, we suggest you seek out an Illinois party.

Da Door Prizes!

Your door prize donations will be graciously accepted by JoAnn Koblewski at 520-818-3000.

Da Ticket Sellers!

* Carolyn Bewalda, 414-254-4369

* Cindy Witt, 520-312-7480

* Dan and Maureen Murphy in SaddleBrooke Ranch, 414-507-9818

If you have dietary restrictions, let your ticket seller know, and accommodations will be made.

Da form should be completed by everyone, not just groups.

Feb. 8 is the last day for ticket sales. If you won’t be back in the Brooke by then, just contact a ticket seller and they will hold your tickets for pick-up when you arrive.