Wood Carver or Wood Worker?

Jay Rosenlof

We are often asked the difference between Wood Carvers and Wood Workers. I want to explain the differences and hope to attract new members for both clubs. These interpretations are based on participation in both hobbies.

Wood Carvers see a piece of wood and think of all the ways to carve it into their next project. They envision and work through the steps needed to complete their finished work using saws, knives, grinders, wood burners, and sanders. Most of their pieces are three dimensional and feature carved figures, animals, and dioramas. Very few have straight edges!

Wood Workers, on the other hand, see a board, a piece of plywood, or section of wood and picture converting it into their next project. They enjoy the thrill of designing, measuring, sawing, sanding, and finishing to complete their project. Many of their projects are tables, chairs, furniture, and turned bowls and pens. Their projects are more linear and have more straight edges!

So, what is the difference and why this article? Both use wood in many forms. They also use creativity, design ideas, tools, and machinery to complete their projects. I think the big difference is that each person works with wood for his or her own enjoyment and appreciates what every other wood person does with his or her wood to complete a project. Wood Carvers use smaller tools and have smaller and more intricate projects. Wood Workers use bigger machinery, hardware, and tools to build their larger functional projects.

If you would like to investigate either hobby, the Wood Carvers meet weekly on Monday afternoon and all-day Tuesday in the Turquoise Room. At this time, the Wood Workers meet at 2 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month in the Turquoise Room.

Contact the Wood Carvers at [email protected], and contact the Wood Workers at [email protected] to learn more about each club.