Spring Break Grandkids’ Softball game a big hit!

This young lady avoids the tag from Coach Q and she is safe at third base! Photo by Jim Smith.

This young lady avoids the tag from Coach Q and she is safe at third base! Photo by Jim Smith.

Jim Smith

The SaddleBrooke Senior Softball Association (SSSA) sponsored its annual Spring Break Grandkids’ Games on Saturday, April 4 at the Softball Complex. Games Director Steve Garceau was assisted by Coaches Pat Tiefenbach, Doug Sweetland, Denise Norgard, Roy Stigers, Ed Cussick, Paul Buchanan, Debbie Seguin, Jeff Rayner, Steve Laureys, Dave Fuller and Ron Quarantino and photographer Jim Smith.

Sixteen grandkids participated ranging in age from Molly (five) to Derek (15). The children participating in the games were Jack Irwin, Ella, Regan, Jack and Erin Syring, Cole, Cora and Charlotte Wickert, Elliana Larson, Molly and Andrew Mitchell, Taylor Stevens, Kylie and Brendan Ascher and Kate and Derek Johnson.

The younger grandkids hit softballs either off a tee at home plate or were pitched to by Roy Stigers, Ron Quarantino or Steve Laureys. For many of the younger kids it was their first experience hitting a softball and running the bases. The hitting was spectacular and the speed running the bases hadn’t been seen on the SaddleBrooke Softball field since the Grandkids’ Day Games last Thanksgiving.

After each of the younger children had a turn at batting, all the grandkids, parents and grandparents gathered by the center field scoreboard for a group photo. The older grandkids then competed in a Home Run Derby type competition with points awarded for balls hit through the infield and into the outfield grass. And to close out the event, several of the parents and grandparents took a turn at bat with the older grandkids fielding the ground and fly balls.

The highlight of the warm sunny day may have been the ice cream served by Pat and Denise in the shade of the third base stadium seating area. Photos from the event will be available soon on the SaddleBrooke Senior Softball website, www.saddlebrookesoftball.com. SaddleBrooke or SaddleBrooke Ranch residents interested in joining SSSA should contact Ed Cussick at  [email protected]