MPLN sweeps the Robson Challenge

MountainView/Preserve Team

MountainView/Preserve Team

Co-chair Kathy Schoenwetter accepting coveted trophy from Mike Jahaske

Co-chair Kathy Schoenwetter accepting coveted trophy from Mike Jahaske

Carol Thompson

The MountainView/Preserve Ladies Niners hosted this year’s successful Robson Challenge this March with the Robson Challenge trophy remaining here at MountainView/Preserve again this year!

Every year qualifying teams from each Robson Community come together for an event full of fun, great golf and food. Many golfers were heard saying, “Getting to know the ladies from our sister communities is the important thing but the competition is very stiff!”

A total of 50 golfers from our community, PebbleCreek and Quail Creek enjoyed a beautiful day of golf and a tasty prizes banquet in the Mesquite Grill.

Taking first place, the Preserve Team: Linda Rouse, Kathy Schoenwetter, Joyce Sutay, Laura Walsh, Pat Steffens, Shirley Miller, Carol Thompson, Ilene Skinner, Maureen Borland, Holly Riviere and Club Pro Ken Steinke.

In second place, the MountainView Team: Susan Elliott, Sue Staker, Kay Tomaszek, Deb Bunker, Becky Fisher, Linda Miles, Raye Cobb, Karyle Steele, Sandy Barney, Pat Mersy and Club Pro Mike Jahaske.

Club pros from each of the Robson Communities also competed during the nine hole tournament with the winner David Vader, with a score of 35, from PebbleCreek’s Eagle’s Nest Club.

Accepting prizes were Kathy Schoenwetter for first place – A Flight, Joyce Sutay for third place – A Flight, Pat Steffens for fourth place – B Flight and Ilene Skinner for second place – C Flight.

Low Gross went to Laura Walsh, Low Net to Linda Miles and Closet to the Pin was Holly Riviere.

Special thanks go to co-chairs for this event, Kathy Schoenwetter and Kay Tomaszek, Susan Elliott and Holly Riviere for graphics and cart signs, Pat Mersy and Raye Cobb for their outstanding efforts in pairings, Rita Smith and Nancy Claffey for rules advice on the course, Arlene Breckenridge our photographer and Linda Rouse and Karel Titone for their artistic contributions to the goodie bags. Also appreciated were the efforts of Carolyn Sico, Lynn Hull, Louise Bidwell and Jeane Liske for coordinating the banquet set-up. And certainly not least, our President Joyce Sutay and Treasurer Deb Bunker for all their help and support!

Anyone interested in joining the MPLN may call Membership Chair Rita Smith at 818-9239.