Singles in SaddleBrooke Have Fun

Marilyn Haremski, Jerry Brinton, Vikki Novak, Margaret Taylor, Andie Murray, Dorothy Brolin, Wanda Ross, Marty Herbert, Bob Spears, Joanie Broder, Ray Peale, Lori Anderson, Elizabeth Posey, Dan Hancock

Ray Peale, Lori Anderson, Dorothy Brolin, Jerry Brinton, Vikki Novak, Elizabeth Posey, Dan Hancock, Margaret Taylor, Marilyn Haremski, Wanda Ross, Marty Herbert (standing), Andie Murray, Bob Spears, Joanie Broder

Wanda Ross

Recently, 14 Singles in SaddleBrooke went on a cruise together to the Southern Caribbean. How did this happen in this largely couples-oriented community? Good question. Some met through the SaddleBrooke Singles Club or Women On Our Own (WOOO). Others met bicycling, hiking, or even dancing. Someone said, “Let’s do a cruise together,” and the word spread. Pretty soon there were six going, then eight, and we ended up with 14 people. Some shared cabins with others and some stayed in single cabins, but we all had fun.

If you are single in SaddleBrooke, whether you are recently widowed or divorced, or maybe you have been single your entire life, there are ways to meet other singles in SaddleBrooke. To start with, you might enjoy the Singles Club. For more information or to join, email Fran Perone at [email protected]. Single women may enjoy WOOO. Contact President Charly McInroy at [email protected]. Whatever sport or activity you enjoy, SaddleBrooke probably has one or more clubs for that. Golf, tennis, swimming, hiking, biking, playing pool, or card games—this list goes on and on. Get up, get out, and have fun in SaddleBrooke as a single.