“Sew” … There Are Some Silver Linings

Ellen Wixom's sister Nancy with the "library" quilt Ellen made for her. The books in the quilt reflect Nancy's lifelong passions and interests.

Ellen Wixom’s sister Nancy with the “library” quilt Ellen made for her. The books in the quilt reflect Nancy’s lifelong passions and interests.

Linda Eisenhart and Kathryn Von Bargen

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a challenge. Life as we’ve known it has taken an abrupt detour into a world that no one could have imagined as we rang in the New Year last January. Nonetheless, as we enter the 2020 holiday season, it’s important to recognize that there is always a lot to be grateful for. For example, think how nice it is that wrinkles don’t hurt! So, this month, I’d like to share some Quilt Club members’ thoughts on blessings and gratitude.

CA Small says that she is blessed with family and friends here in SaddleBrooke. Quilt Club members gave her a wonderful quilt after her husband passed away in March.

“I received so much caring love and support; thank you friends in The Fiber Arts and Friday Quilters clubs. Much gratitude,” she said.

Kathy Von Bargen, current president of the Quilt Club, had to think outside the box to keep things rolling. She instituted Zoom meetings for members to share their latest projects, held socially-distanced meetings in her backyard and organized ways for small groups to meet and sew together.

“A silver lining to the ‘stay home-stay healthy’ rule was getting to know more of our neighbors and to care for each other better than before. We started having outdoor gatherings in driveways, all socially-distanced of course, with each person bringing his/her own chair and beverage. At first, the SaddleBrooke Patrol would come by and count to make sure there were no more than 10 which was required. That eventually loosened and we sometimes had as many as 14 or 15. In the beginning we met three times a week. We sometimes played trivia word games, held little contests and shared laughs. Now that we are able to get out more, we meet once every two weeks. Over time we became a close-knit group as we celebrated birthdays, helped neighbors with tasks and prayed together when serious illness struck. We all agreed that it has been a blessing for us. SaddleBrooke has been the best place to be during the pandemic,” Kathy said.

Ellen Wixom made a quilt for her sister Nancy’s 69th birthday. She gave it to her when she went to Kansas to help her four siblings clear out her mother’s house after her death in July. These were tender and happy moments shared with her siblings that she treasures. Ellen said her sister Nancy retired as a Methodist minister last year and the quilt contains her Ceremonies book, the Bible, and Methodist Hymnal as well as her favorite Little House on the Prairie series, Goodnight Moon that she read to her daughter, and other books we read as children. Ellen also included a book for the recipes she collected when she lived in Yuma. Ellen was thrilled and it was a blessing to be able give it to her.

To conclude, I’d like to share an illustration that seems apropos. It was created by Jane Seabrook, an artist from Auckland, New Zealand. Blessings do come in many forms not the least of which is our sense of humor!