SaddleBrooke Writers Group Coffee House

Joan Elder

The SaddleBrooke Writers Group was one of the first groups formed in our community in the early 1990s. Very soon after the formation, Anne Leonard suggested hosting a Coffee House. Since the first one was such a huge success, the group continues presenting their original writings in a Coffee House format every other year. The 2020 Coffee House was canceled due to COVID, but the current members of the Writers Group are ready to hold that event on March 31. Audience members will hear both prose and poetry read by the writers of each piece. Refreshments will be served, too.

The Coffee House will take place in the Mesquite Grill at SaddleBrooke TWO from 7 to 9 p.m. This event will be free, but those interested in attending must obtain a ticket from a member of the Writers Group, since seating is limited. If you need information on obtaining a ticket, please contact John or Patricia Smith.