Results Are in for MPMGA’s Member-Member Match Play

Alan Doan

The MountainView-Preserve Men’s Golf Association (MPMGA) Member-Member Match Play Tournament was held on Jan. 17, 20, and 27 at the MountainView and Preserve golf courses. Multiple flights of eight two-man teams were established based on each team’s combined course handicap, with purple tee players and green tee players placed in separate brackets. A team had to win three matches to win their flight.

If a team was defeated in their very first match, all was not lost. They were placed in a consolation bracket and could win their flight in that bracket by winning their next two matches.

Following are the winning teams from each flight:

Winners Bracket, Purple Tees:

Flight 1: Dan Sollin and Roger Gann

Flight 2: Doug Anderson and Larry Scott

Winners Bracket, Green Tees:

Flight 1: Dan Schroeder and Tom Fitzgerald

Flight 2: Joe Oczak and Harry Clausen

Flight 3: John Wrbanek and Greg Cahill

Consolation Bracket, Purple Tees:

Flight 1: David Hill and Randy Brier

Flight 2: Mark Gingerich and John Cahill

Consolation Bracket, Green Tees:

Flight 1: Bob Edelblut and Mike Bershaw

Flight 2: Terry Marchione and Gary Walker

Flight 3: Gordon Elliott and Jerry Hollingsworth

Congratulations to all the winners on facing down some tough competition to come out on top. Good job of “ham and egging.” And if you and your partner didn’t quite make it to the end, well, at least you’re still friends—right?