SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network

Time to ‘Re-Member’ the Network

Marcy Vernon

To say that 2020 has been an unusual year for us at SB Pet Rescue Network (SBPRN) is clearly an understatement. Over COVID-19 concerns we cancelled our large group fundraising events. Accordingly, it is quite humbling to report that our loyal and generous members continued to send in donations even during this uncertain period. These contributions have allowed us to donate over $4,000 toward the accounts of rescue groups in Tucson and Pinal County that routinely save sick, injured and senior dogs and cats from both Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) and Pinal County Animal Care and Control (PCACC). We were also able to contribute $2,000 to Friends of Pinal County Animal Shelter & Rescues toward the purchase of a dental machine for PCACC. In addition, the generous in-kind donations of SB residents to our monthly pick-up program allowed us to provide ongoing support to PACC, PCACC, Cody’s Friends, and our rescue partners, Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary and Oracle Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation. Believe it or not, we have reached the fourth quarter of 2020 and it is time to renew your annual membership to the Pet Rescue Network. All renewals received from this point forward will be valid through year end 2021. If you are not a current member, please consider joining now. For $20/year you can help us continue our efforts to help homeless pets.

Please go to our website at and print the membership form from the “join-donate” page. Drop-off or mail the form along with a check payable to SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network to SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network, c/o Carol Merlini, 63267 E. Brooke Park Drive, Tucson, AZ 85739.

We are honored by the continuing generous support we have in the SaddleBrooke community. Thank you for donating and for volunteering!

Donations to the Pet Rescue Network are not tax deductible.

Happy Tails: Shelby

Romayne Trud

We would like you to meet Shelby. She is a beautiful, sweet 10-year-old Cock-a-Poo who suddenly became homeless when both of her owners passed away within six months of each other. Sadly, other family members were unable to keep her because Shelby is afraid of large dogs and they all had large dogs at home. The three children of Shelby’s owner reached out to the SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network (SBPRN) for help.

The SBPRN team went to work and was able to find a placement for Shelby with one of the local rescue groups we support. However, the family members were hoping that Shelby could find a permanent home in SaddleBrooke.

With no guarantees, the team tried to find a solution to meet their request. Fortunately, SBPRN has an established short-term foster program. As a member of this group, Angela Martin was contacted to see if she would be interested in meeting Shelby with the idea of providing foster care. Coincidentally, Angela had lost her beloved dog a little over a year ago. Shelby spent a few days with Angela and an instant bond was formed. Shelby was adopted on Oct. 29 and is now settled into her new home in SaddleBrooke. This was a match made in heaven—Shelby needed a home and Angela needed a dog to love.

Although this story had a happy ending, it is also a cautionary tale. Please be sure you have made specific arrangements for your pets should the unthinkable happen. Not all tales have a happy ending.

Happy Tails: Rufus

Romayne Trudo

Jill Darbin was moving into her new SaddleBrooke home on Oct. 18 when her kitty, Rufus, went missing. The movers accidentally left a door open for an extended period of time. As a 14-year-old indoor kitty with a kidney condition, this could have been catastrophic. You see, Rufus regularly receives subcutaneous fluids to help him manage this condition.

Jill contacted SB Pet Rescue immediately and the team came together. Pictures and information were posted on Nextdoor, Pawboost, and the Facebook page for SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network. The Unit 4 representative sent out an email blast to the residents, asking the neighbors to be on the lookout for Rufus.

The kitty was very elusive but was seen frequently late at night on a neighbor’s outdoor camera. A Havahart trap was set up for many days with food and water but he was not interested. The owner actually slept outside in the middle of the night in the neighbor’s yard hoping that Rufus would come to her. Our board member Karen Brooks also spent several hours late at night camped out near the trap to try and convince Rufus to come home.

For days, Jill and Romayne, a SB Pet Rescue volunteer, knocked on doors, asking neighbors if they had seen Rufus. He continued to be seen on the camera at night so the trap was relocated for a third time and he showed some interest but did not enter. Thankfully, after being gone for eight days, hungry, tired, and thirsty, he finally gave it up and entered the trap. He was trapped in the early morning hours of Oct. 26 and was returned home safely to Jill. Of course, he was thinner and frightened but after a few days at home he was back to his former lovable happy self.

Jill and the SB Pet Rescue team refused to give up and were rewarded with his safe return.

Jill was so grateful to SB Pet Rescue that she has asked to help in the future when a kitty or dog goes missing.

A full load headed to OARR, one of our rescuers.

A full load headed to OARR, one of our rescuers.

Pet Donation Drop Off Program

Karyle Steele

Over the last five years our monthly pick up program of pet items and linens has grown substantially. As a result, we no longer have the resources to handle the volume of donations in an efficient manner. Therefore, we are asking residents to drop off their donations. The drop off location will be in SaddleBrooke One at the Bocce Ball court.

It will still be the first Friday of every month and the hours will be 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Items We Can Take

Crates (no bigger than 30” and broken down); pet beds/crate pads; pet food/water bowls; pet toys; pet treats; pet food; pet gates; pet medication (must not be beyond expiration date); pet sweaters/coats; leashes/collars/harnesses; grooming tools; cat litter boxes; cat litter; cat scratching posts or pads; x-pens; puppy pads/doggie diapers; e-collars; training tools; bath towels (no hand towels, washcloths); and blankets.

All items should be gently used and washed prior to donation. Items should be in working order.

Please no washcloths, hand towels, or sheets.

Items We Cannot Take

Mattress covers; rubber-backed rugs; electric blankets; comforters or quilted items; pillows or chair pads; carpeting; any items with paint, grease or oil on them; sheets (both flat and fitted); washcloths or hand towels.

The above items can present a choking hazard or cleaning issue. They cannot be safely used in an environment where you are housing animals you are not familiar with. Carpeting or carpeted items cannot be cleaned to a standard necessary for newly vaccinated animals.

Thanks for your continued support of this worthwhile program. As always, cash donations are always appreciated.