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Carol Sorensen

Carol Sorensen

Nora Graf

Because everyone was not back from their summer trip, there was no guest speaker at the September meeting.

Instead, members who had published a family book were invited to give a short presentation on how they prepared their family book; members were also encouraged to bring items for show and tell and give a brief presentation on what they brought.

The presentations were well received and everyone came away with valuable knowledge and insight on the preparation of family books. The members in attendance had an enjoyable afternoon and want to extend a sincere thank you to Carol Sorensen, Christine Nelson, Kay Calvin, Linda Quigg, Marylou Worthy, Sharon Scanlan and Virginia Hegseth.

The November meeting will be held on November 6, at 1:00 p.m. in the Coyote Room in SaddleBrooke Clubhouse One.

Please check the website for further information.