SaddleBrooke Dog Park—Where Dogs Can Be Dogs

Nadine McAfee

It’s been a challenging 2020 for all SaddleBrooke residents as well as their four-legged friends, but life at the SaddleBrooke Dog Park (SBDP) is still the most joyful place for people and their pets to safely socialize. We would like to welcome our new residents and members as well as bid a sad farewell and our condolences to those who have lost their pets during this difficult time. Due to COVID-19, the SBDP has had to cancel all fundraising events but we are hoping to gather again for a Cinco de Fido celebration in May 2021.

SBDP is partnering with Friends of Pinal County Animal Shelter & Rescues (FPCAS) to celebrate the holidays and help homeless pets by supporting Pinal County Animal Care & Control (PCACC) through an exciting fundraising opportunity.

Our pampered pooches and cats are so fortunate to have us as their caregivers, which is not the case for many abandoned and neglected animals that end up lonely and confused by their circumstances. The heartbreaking fact is not all animals in the county are cared for like our pets. Animals are often surrendered to the shelter in need of veterinary care because their owner cannot afford it, others are strays or are relinquished because they have been injured. Shelter animals receive basic care but if the animal needs more intensive veterinary care, PCACC cannot provide it.

FPCAS, a nonprofit organization, was created to raise funds to help dogs and cats receive surgery for tumors, dental needs, and treatment for wounds; even helping a dog have a cesarean section to remove dead puppies that she was unable to deliver.

PCACC does not have a full-time veterinarian yet but one of their part-time vets, Dr. Jim, is interested in being able to provide more than spay and neuter surgeries. To do this, the clinic room will need special surgical equipment. Mirage, a dog in need of bilateral cruciate surgery, will be the first dog to benefit from this surgical equipment. With Dr. Jim’s experience and willingness to perform her surgery, she will have an excellent chance of adoption as will many others.

FPCAS is running an online fundraiser via their Facebook page to raise the $2,500 to purchase this surgical equipment. We are asking our generous SaddleBrooke residents to find it in their hearts and wallets to participate in this worthwhile fundraiser.

How to Donate:

* Online via Facebook page:

* Visit the website:

* Items can be purchased from the shelter’s Amazon Wishlist:

* Mail check directly to:

Friends of Pinal County Animal Shelter & Rescues

P.O. Box 11145 Casa Grande, AZ 85130

If you would like to have your check picked up or if you have any questions, contact Nadine McAfee at [email protected]. Thank you for helping us save and enrich the lives of shelter pets.