SaddleBrooke Democratic Club news

Jim Vavra

The April meeting of the SaddleBrooke Democratic Club was well held on Tuesday, April 14. Those in attendance were treated to a lively discussion by Tory Anderson and Amanda Morton representing the Secular Coalition of Arizona. Tory is the lobbyist for the organization and Amanda is a volunteer on the Coalition’s staff. They outlined the goals and objectives of the Coalition, emphasizing that their mission was not to promote atheist beliefs, but to oppose legislation which favored one religion over another or which favored religious organizations over other non-religions ones. Specifically, to insure that the wall that separates Church and State is maintained. In addition, Tory Anderson spoke to the focus of their lobbying activities at the most recently concluded legislative session.

Our May meeting on Tuesday, May 12 will feature Mr. Tim Steller of the Arizona Daily Star providing A Retrospective Look at the Spring 2015 Arizona Legislative Session. We have asked Tim to reflect on issues of controversy from the latest session of the Arizona legislature and share his opinion of the first session under the new Ducey Administration. We have also asked him to discuss what changes occurred in the session that affect the media and the media’s ability to report the news at the state government level.

In June we will have Ms. Jo Ann Ellison speak to issues that are expected to be decided by the U.S Supreme Court by the end of the current session this summer. There are a myriad of issues concerning gay marriage, the Affordable Care Act and others that will surely impact the lives of members, members’ families and friends. Be there to get the latest update and analysis on these pending issues.

Each monthly meeting of the SaddleBrooke Democratic Club is held on the second Tuesday of the month at 3:30 p.m. in the HOA1 Activity Center, 64518 East Galveston Lane, SaddleBrooke, Arizona 85739.