SMGA Crazy Pin Tournament still crazy

Every hear anyone say, “Golf is just a good walk spoiled?” Or ever play golf and recall a couple of greens where the pin was just in an impossible place? Try playing in a tournament where all the pins are in the most difficult, inaccessible, well—crazy places!

84 golfers signed up to try their hand as four person teams in a full scramble format (how could you do it any other way?) to get the lowest round of the day. Saturday, March 21 found these teams taking on the best (or worst) that course superintendent Mike Roddy could deal out. The field was split into three flights with seven teams in each flight.

First Flight winning team was Bill Lich, Doug Swartz, Dave Schliepsiek and Dallas Koerner; runners up were the team of Larry Tollman, Dave Powers, Tom Shephard and Joe Donohoe. Second Flight winning team included Gus Pachis, Molly Fullerton, Dick Modos and Rob Malik; runners up were Gary running, Phil Cohen, Ron Rivas and Roy Stigers. Third Flight winning team consisted of Karen Haddock, Angie Denahan, Becky Hubbard and Patti Pratti with the team of Lee Ann McClelland, Kay Kunze, Gail Plimpton and Sherry Fitzpatrick as runners up.

Although Tournament Director Gus Pachis paid down to fourth place in each flight, the real prize was to come away with a halfway decent round. At least everyone got to enjoy a great meal at the Roadrunner Grill after the tournament.

All in all, everyone had a great time enjoying the challenge, the great food, delightful weather and camaraderie. And winners of the Craziest Dressed Man and Woman were Roy Stigers and Kay Kunze.