RoadRunner Member-Guest Winners

First-place winners of the SaddleBrooke One RoadRunner Member-Guest: Ron Limoges and Darrell Giebler (photo by Jason Rasmussen)

Mark Miller

The SaddleBrooke One RoadRunner Member-Guest was held April 13, 14 and 15. This three-day event is always extremely popular, showcasing our amazing golf courses, Pro Shop, and food and beverage facilities. This year we can add the fabulous Tucson weather, as every day was a bright sunshine bonus.

A huge thank you to Saddlebrooke Men’s Golf Association (SMGA) Special Events Coordinator Steve Kartsonis, who chaired the event, and his very hard-working committee of Larry Crum, Terry Edwards, John Eakin, Nick Francis, Terry McCollum, Gus Pachis, and Forrest Urban, and their spouses, who assisted the amazingly organized and most valuable, Nan Kartsonis.

Winners by flight were as follows:

Flight 1: Rick Hagen and Bret Hagen

Flight 2: Greg Verbus and Kevin Holland

Flight 3: Daniel Stenquist and Tony Miler

Flight 4: Richard Modos and Steve Makowski

Flight 5: Ron Limoges and Darrell Giebler

Flight 6: John Morales and Ken Morales

Flight 7: Richard Hanssen and Brody Hanssen

Flight 8: Richard Kaas and Jon Sorenson

Flight 9: Joe Robison and Greg Bradley

Flight 10: Ron Kari and Bob Shearer

After all the scores were tallied and the Horse Race completed, the overall winners of the RoadRunner Member-Guest were the team of Ron Limoges and his partner Darrell Giebler. Congratulations!

As the SMGA snowbirds take off to various parts, those remaining in SaddleBrooke will be able to continue to enjoy weekly golf, especially the always fun but challenging Partners’ Golf event the third Wednesday of each month.