Pickleball’s fundraising phase one is complete

Shawne Cryderman

The SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association has successfully raised over $650,000 toward the building of new indoor courts. This phase one goal was reached with donations from 66 percent of the membership, promises of loans of 25K from ten SPA members, T-shirt sales and contributions from friends of SPA and other members of the SaddleBrooke community.

One SaddleBrooke resident gave $500 with a note saying: “I am not a pickleball player but want the value of my home to remain strong.” Another resident gave a $100 donation as a birthday gift for a friend’s 65th celebration. Wanda Fudge, a well-known Realtor with Long Realty, has donated $1,000 because she believes additional pickleball courts are badly needed in SaddleBrooke. Ms. Fudge explained, “Two out of three home buyers want to purchase homes where pickleball is played and courts are available.” Wanda donated to court construction to support both her clients and the SaddleBrooke community. She wants to keep SaddleBrooke property values competitive with those in other active adult communities. Please join Wanda in investing in our community.

For complete and current information about fundraising for the new courts, visit SPA’s website spa.clubexpress.com, where you will also find out how to make a contribution.