Pickleballers medal at Robson Ranch, Palm Creek and Green Valley Tournaments

SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association (SPA) members played well in tournaments held in March of 2015. At the third annual Robson Ranch Tournament held in Casa Grande, Arizona, on March 18 through 22, Bob Koerner and Mark Van Matre won the gold medal in the Men’s 4.5 skill level, while Paul Frederickson and his partner, Bob Hills of SaddleBrooke Ranch, won the bronze medal in the 3.0 skill level.

Casa Grande was also the location for the Palm Creek Duel in the Desert Tournament held March 6 through 8 where Brent Carlson and Mike Cox won a bronze medal in the Men’s 4.0 skill level.

Quail Creek in Green Valley, Arizona, was the location of the Green Valley Senior Games on March 2 through 4 where several SPA members medaled. In the Men’s 4.5 skill level, Jim Shupe and Bob Koerner won a bronze medal and Brent Carlson and Mike Cox won the gold medal in the 4.0 level. In the Men’s 70 plus 4.0 skill level, Greg Nelson and Ed Szympruch won the gold medal and Bob Shelton and Larry Gallagher won the bronze medal.

In mixed doubles action at Quail Creek, Peter and Diana Giljohann won the gold medal in the 4.5 skill level while Mark and Joan Van Matre won the silver medal. In the 70 plus 4.0 skill level in mixed doubles, Bob and Nancy Shelton won the gold medal.