Oracle School District – January 2015

Big changes for the Oracle School District

Dennis Blauser

The Oracle School District is very excited about several key projects designed to provide a higher quality, more positive learning environment for its students. The Oracle School District administration and Governing Board has worked hard to maximize its limited financial resources. Through careful planning, the District has been able to move forward with several projects that will both increase efficiency and create a more attractive educational facility that students, parents and staff can be proud of. One of the biggest changes was moving the preschool and kindergarten to the Mountain Vista Campus which included the creation of a beautiful new preschool facility. This move, which included a new early childhood curriculum, saves the District upwards of thirty thousand dollars per year and allows for a more seamless pre-kindergarten through eighth grade academic experience for students.

By the end of December, the District will have completed several key concrete improvements. Expanded student seating at the outdoor basketball facility will be accomplished by terracing off a badly eroded hillside and installing concrete multi-purpose bleachers. A full sized volleyball court, partially funded by donations, will provide more activities for the fifth through eighth grade students. The District will also be installing a concrete trike track for its preschool students. Here is an example of what parents think about the District’s progress. Parent Teacher Organization officer and longtime District advocate Brenda Garcia could not be more happy with the aggressive and positive changes. Mrs. Garcia had this to say about the changes, “As a parent I am thrilled that the District and Governing Board is being so proactive in moving our small District forward. Our kids need and deserve nice facilities.”

Additionally, the Oracle School District has made a concentrated effort to shift its precious water resources to areas that are directly used by the students. Grass in non-student use areas is being replaced by low water landscaping allowing for big improvements in Mountain Vista’s athletic field facilities. A two year irrigation project is now complete which means that all of the playing fields will be green and ready for use by the physical education department and athletic teams this spring. Also happening this spring will be the grand opening of the volunteer funded and constructed restroom and concession facility centrally located in the athletic field complex. All of these exciting changes would not be possible without our dedicated and hardworking staff that is never afraid to dream big.