Nick Nicholas brings the total to seventeen

Bob Edelblut

Nick has sealed the deal. Management’s only choice was to add a third car to the MPMGA’s Hole-in-One Train. Actually, that’s a good thing because current seat holders were complaining about the crowded conditions on the train. Something about all the extra baggage for Christmas! Well done, Nick!

On Saturday, December 15 Nick was playing the Preserve with his regular Saturday group. Rumor has it that thirteen members of the group showed up ready to play this day. Nick’s playing partners were Mark Kunnen and Doug Anderson. As an aside, this looks like a pretty strong team. I wonder how much Nick’s ace helped their cause? Nick struggled a bit with the swirling wind as he stood on the fourth tee. Finally, he concluded that eight iron was the proper club for his shot of about 105 yards. He knew that his swing was smooth as soon as he made contact with the ball but, as we all do, he doubted that he had the distance he needed. Seconds later all three watched from the tee as the ball disappeared into the cup. Most of the group heard the screaming! Congratulations, Nick, one more time. Mark, how many holes-in-one have you witnessed this year?

Nick started playing golf in West Virginia, on sand greens, some 55 years ago and this was his fourth hole-in-one. How many of you can remember playing on sand-greens? Good story. His last ace was almost 25 years ago and by his own admission he was not expecting this one. Yes, all thirteen were treated by Nick after the rounds were completed and I can only hope his group took home the bacon!