Pool Players of the Brooke Club announces plans for 2019

The Pool Players of The Brooke (the PPB) is a sanctioned club of SaddleBrooke One founded by Joe Giammarino, Dominic Borland and Fred Dianda in early 2016. The mission of the PPB is to promote the sport of billiards, offer skills improvement instruction and, most importantly, to provide organized competitive play opportunities for its members.

Now that SaddleBrooke has a billiards facility that is competitive with other retirement communities, the PPB plans to increase its membership and hopefully attract both new players to the sport as well as those who played “way back when” and want to get back into the sport. The PPB will be offering free new player instruction as well as sessions explaining new and updated rules of play which are likely different from the way we played years ago but are now standard in most billiards’ communities. The PPB will organize and run six or more tournaments for members during 2019.

Use of the Catalina billiards room is open to all SaddleBrooke One and TWO residents. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to play without an adult resident present. PPB membership is not required. SaddleBrooke One has a posted sign in the center outlining the rules for facility use. Any resident may reserve a two-hour time slot up to seven days in advance by writing in their name on one of the three table sign-up sheets posted on the bulletin board near each table. Drop-in play is allowed for open time slots but we encourage you to write your name in the empty slot on the time sheet so your play can be recorded. The billiards center can accommodate one additional table if justified by the amount of play.

In addition to purchasing a professional ball cleaning machine to keep the balls in like new condition, the PPB funded and installed all the billiards related décor, some of which is original art created by members. The PPB members have also assumed responsibilities for general maintenance of the pool tables and other equipment which require special cleaning procedures.

Until now, membership has been limited to 50 players but with the new and expanded facility at the Catalina Recreation Center, it will be recommended to the membership at its January annual meeting that this limitation will be increased or even eliminated. If you are interested in joining the PPB, information is posted in the Catalina Recreation Center’s Billiard Room or you may contact one of the club officers below.

President Joe Giammarino [email protected], Vice President Dominic Borland [email protected] or Secretary/Treasurer Randy Smith [email protected]

You can also follow the PPB at https://poolplayersofthebrooke.blogspot.com/.

As they say around the billiards center, “rack ‘em up!”