New to POP Tennis?

Betty and Barry Emmons at net

Stuart Watkins

Both Barry and Betty Emmons are new to SaddleBrooke and POP Tennis. This interview reveals a lot about them and about the sport.

Barry had played some tennis and racquetball before moving to SaddleBrooke. Betty had never played any sports, although she was a cheerleader in high school, which qualifies as a sport, in my opinion. Betty met Loretta Edgerton, who invited her to try out POP Tennis, and Betty loved it right away. When Betty could not play one day, Barry stepped in to take her place, and he also enjoyed the sport.

Barry and Betty met at Salem State College in Massachusetts. They have family in Vancouver, British Columbia and visit there when they can.

When in SaddleBrooke, Barry plays softball, tennis, and POP Tennis, hikes, and enjoys golf. Barry’s father was a carpenter. Barry worked in his father’s business and became quite skilled. Now he uses his carpenter skills at home in what he calls his DIY hobby (Do It Yourself). Barry retired from the mortgage service industry and now enjoys life in this active retirement community of SaddleBrooke.

Betty plays POP Tennis, is a member of the quilting club and the machine embroidery club, and enjoys sewing.

“My nana (my mom’s mom) taught me to sew, knit, and crochet. From there, my mom and I sewed together.” Betty created the POP Tennis side bag. Betty is an RN, made wedding dresses in Chesapeake, Va. before moving to SaddleBrooke, and she also ran a cake decorating business.

When asked what they enjoy about POP Tennis, they both responded with being in the sun, the comradery of the players, the friendships they have made, and “just having fun.”