Neighbors Helping Neighbors

How does Senior Village do it? Dispatch is the clue

Stephanie Thomas

Do you remember how you felt when you received your first driver’s license? That sense of freedom, of independence, of adventure? Having a driver’s license is one of our most valued documents; a symbol of our ability to go where we want and when we want.

Unfortunately, at some point, many of us must relinquish our driver’s licenses and with that loss come feelings of isolation and dependence. One of the main goals of Senior Village is to ensure that you have access to transportation and best of all, our drivers pick you up on the day and time you choose. Since March of 2016, our volunteers have driven over 21,000 miles on 648 service calls.

So how does Senior Village seamlessly manage to fulfill all those requests, field the phone calls and assign the volunteers? That responsibility falls to our industrious, committed, caring Dispatch Team headed by Shawne Cryderman and joined by Gary Swalve and George Tuttle. Each time a member calls the Senior Village, one of the Dispatch Team volunteers begins handling the request: a call is made to the member to confirm the details which are then entered into the dispatch computer program. This program automatically finds the volunteers and generates emails to them. When one selects the “Accept” button, that volunteer then contacts the member and confirms the day, time and location of the request. It’s a seamless process, repeated over and over each day to provide that sense of freedom and independence for our members.

When asked what she especially likes about heading the Dispatch Team, Shawne responded, “The best aspect about being on the Dispatch Team is helping members connect with volunteers who can meet their needs. I also like paying it forward so that when the time comes that I need Senior Village services I can get the help and support I need.” These sentiments were echoed by George who commented, “As a dispatcher with Senior Village I get to be a part of an organization that has a powerful impact on the lives of its members. I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity!”

Whether you need to go to the doctor, physical therapy, the bank, the grocery store, schedule a hair appointment or even attend a SaddleBrooke event, the Senior Village Dispatch Team will spring into action with a phone call to you and an email to find a volunteer driver. Gary Swalve sums up his job in these words: “I enjoy working with such a collaborative, cooperative dispatch team and such a caring group of volunteers who are the true soul of Senior Village. It’s great to be part of an organization that allows its members to remain semi-independent and in their homes longer.”

We will do whatever possible to help you maintain your quality of life. To join Senior Village or arrange transportation, phone 520-314-1042.