Gardeners Exchange

The Gardeners Exchange of SaddleBrooke Ranch welcomes Dr. Linda Leigh, former Biospherian, Wednesday, June 21 at 1:00 p.m. in La Hacienda Club. How Many Plants Can You Fit in a Biosphere? A must-attend!

Biosphere 2 was built to be a materially closed system with all of the plants we would need for 100 years. Why were certain plant species selected for inclusion and others not? Dr. Linda Leigh will discuss how and why the over 2000 plant species were selected.

From the tundra of Alaska to the jungles of Venezuela where life tangles and tumbles over life, Dr. Linda Leigh has canvassed the spectrum of earth’s biosphere. In 1989 she began pioneering work in materially closed ecosystems as the test subject for the Human in Closed Ecological System experiment, living for 21 days in the small, materially closed Biosphere 2 Test Module. She directed the collection and propagation of over 2,000 candidate plant species for the rainforest, savannah and desert for Biosphere 2 project. As a Biospherian she managed the health, research and documentation of those ecosystems. Leigh is a vermiculturist and Master Gardener living in Oracle, Arizona.

Open seating. For more information please contact Zann Wilson at [email protected] or 219-263-3261.