Nancy Frazer, our coordinator

SaddleBrooke Tennis Coordinator Nancy Frazer

SaddleBrooke Tennis Coordinator Nancy Frazer

Nancy Frazer

Long time SaddleBrooke Tennis Center Head Coordinator and well-loved friend Nancy Frazer has realized, since the days when we had only 50 members, the importance of first impressions at the Tennis Center. She has done her part. Every member recognizes her. Entering the Tennis Center they are greeted with the essence of professionalism and courtesy. It has been that way since way back.

The coordinator job is a great deal more than answering the phone and monitoring the organized play schedule. Nancy is a troubleshooter, a problem solver and a tennis player, all in one.

Nancy has been involved in the many iterations of organized play from the very beginning. That singular program, troubled as it has often been, is the hallmark of tennis at SaddleBrooke. She has helped keep it friendly and social while emphasizing competitiveness as well.

Having watched HOA1’s extension of our patio area to create a harmonious atmosphere to the valuable online signup program, Nancy has been an indispensable part of our tennis activities over the years. Now we want to thank her and express our sincere appreciation for her dedicated service to SaddleBrooke Tennis Club.