MountainView Lady Putters Continue to Grow

Executive Board members, past and present (right to left): Jean Kraus (2021 president), Roberta Wisniewski (2022 president), Patty Stark (2022 vice president), Phyllis Meierhenry (2022 webmaster), Kathy Rambur (2022 treasurer), Sheila Dahlgren (2021 treasurer)

Eileen J. Snearly

On Jan. 20, the MountainView Lady Putters’ (MVLP) membership renewal and orientation of new members was held in the MountainView Ballroom. During this event, the 2022 new executive board members were introduced, and the 2021 board members were acknowledged. There were 27 new members in attendance for orientation, conducted by Patty Stark (2022 vice president) and welcomed by Roberta Wisniewski (2022 president).

There are currently 137 members of the MVLP. At this event, members could order team shirts, jackets, and name tags, as well. All members were asked to sign up for available volunteer positions to help the MVLP organization’s continued success.

The MountainView Activities Fair was held on Jan. 22. The MVLP had a table set up to present the Putters and to stimulate interest in the organization. 2022 President Roberta Wisniewski and 2021 President Jean Kraus were there to answer questions and hopefully welcome new members.