Make time for dancing: Join us at Move to the Music

Bonnie Schoenfelder

Dance is a form of exercise that integrates the mind, body and soul. It works for all ages and skill levels. It can help counteract the effects of sitting too long or hunching over your phone. Even at the beginner level, dance can activate the antigravity muscles of the neck and back and help restore our posture. It also lengthens and strengthens muscles and improves joint mobility. Even a moderate intensity class can burn an average of 400 calories. A class like Move to the Music, because it is choreographed dance, provides cognitive stimulation and balance challenges more than repetitive exercise like walking or cycling. Dancing also increases mood-improving hormones and elevates our mental state and for good reason; it is fun.

Move to the Music is an exercise approach to line dance. Basic line dance moves will be used to produce a moderate exercise routine. All of the routines taught will be easily transferred to other dance venues or learned quickly enough to participate in other SaddleBrooke social events.

The eight-week series starting on Tuesday, October 30 in the SaddleBrooke One fitness at 4:30 p.m. is taught by Bonnie Schoenfelder, instructor in Line Dance for Bloomington, MN Parks and Recreation and nine-year member of the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club. Class is limited to 15 and is $45 for the series. Call, text or email Bonnie to reserve a place, 952-897-0291, [email protected].