SaddleBrooke Democrats draw large crowds

Tim Koch

The SaddleBrooke Democrat Club has experienced larger than usual participation for summer activities recently.

On July 15, the Dems held their annual summer picnic at the SaddleBrooke One Tennis Center and packed the house. Nearly 130 attendees welcomed numerous candidates for state-wide and district offices, while enjoying a variety of delicious potluck dishes. Dignitaries from various state and local Democrat organizations also attended to lend support and show solidarity.

At its August monthly meeting, the Dems welcomed Congressman Tom O’ Halleran who spoke on issues facing Congress and his frustration that Congress was sent home before the business of the people concluded. The Congressman answered questions from the more than 120 attendees for nearly 30 minutes.

Dozens of club members have been canvassing, making phone calls and preparing personal mailings throughout LD 11 as the primaries approach.

The SaddleBrooke Democrat Club meets on the second Tuesday of each month at the SaddleBrooke One Activities Center at 3:30 p.m. The September 11 meeting will focus on explanations of the public initiatives that will appear on the November ballot. Voters who are concerned about deceptive titles on some initiatives or the actual intent of the initiative should find this meeting very helpful.