Let’s go spinning as my tush will not fit on the seat

Tom Barrett

Paul, a good friend of mine, invited me to a Spin Class several months ago. It’s sort of like riding a fancy stationary bike. I was getting increasingly more out of shape and gaining far too many pounds so I decided to give it a try.

At my initial class, while being taught how to set up and use the Spin Bike, my overriding concern was, “I’m not so sure my large posterior is going to get along at all with that small seat.” After a couple of months though, the seat has proven to be a nonissue and I think I might have stumbled upon the best kept secret in SaddleBrooke.

Is the Spin Class helping my health? I have lost a significant amount of weight, my blood pressure and pulse numbers are down and my stamina is increasing. It has been a win-win situation for me!

The high end Keiser Spin Bikes were purchased by HOA 2 and the Health Fair Planning Committee. There are five weekly sessions led by several knowledgeable volunteer Spin Leaders who give verbal instructions during the class. I was a bit relieved that while the leaders give instructions, each rider is in total control of how rigorous they want their workout to be. It’s perfect for me if I just happen to want to go a bit slower or use less resistance on any given day.

Our resident organized Spin Bike program is now in its fifth year and is open to all SaddleBrooke residents at no charge. Signing up for classes is accomplished through a very simple email system currently being coordinated by Jim Ryan. Jim’s contact information: [email protected], 825-1309.

Send Jim an email to request Spin Class information and he will send you everything you need to get started.

On a side note, the club is becoming more and more popular and additional bikes are going to be needed as time passes. Perhaps a donation to the cause is something that you might want to consider.

Hope to see you at Spin Class! New riders are always encouraged and welcomed. Maybe it could be just right for you. Tell them Tom sent you.