Leave the Door Open

Stuart Watkins

just leave the stable door open and I’ll know you’re gone

knew it was happening before you saddled up Lady Astor

leaving was in your eyes, in your frown, in our bed

begging you to stay was not a part of my song

we rode herd together, ranched, and grew our spread

dust storms, drought, wildfires, and calving filled our days

eye contact was all we needed as we branded cows

shiny cars, dancing boots, and city clothes got in your head

did my best riding the back forty to keep rustlers at bay

mending barbed wire fences and looking for strays

lonely nights on the range with you home far away

should a been with you every anniversary day

boys grew up seeking life easier that a cowboy’s day-to-day

daughter died of whooping cough, pneumonia, measles or such

farm loan and debts built up, didn’t leave our family much

sunrises and sunsets are beautiful to watch, but they don’t pay

just leave the stable door open as you ride away

you won’t see the tears roll down my eyes

hoping you can’t hear my softly muffled cries

how do I go on, how do I face another day