CCP Anticipation

Andrea Molberg

Remember that feeling of Christmas when the tree was propped in its stand all decorated with lights and a multitude of bulbs? Santa would be there soon! Remember the anticipation, the mystery, the unknown? What will Santa bring? What is in the big box Mom just put under the tree when we caught her winking at Dad with a knowing look?

And, this year? We’re looking at coal in our stockings and wondering about live theatre in SaddleBrooke. The anticipation and waiting have been frustrating for all, and it looks as though the wait will continue.

COVID-19 has put a hold on group activities and access to the MountainView Ballroom and Community Circle Players’ (CCP) rehearsal space. As cases, hospitalizations, and deaths rise, the Center for Disease Control has recommended that we don’t congregate in large groups indoors. CCP loves its patrons and longs to have you in the audience with your abundant, appreciated applause, but only when we can be together safely.

Rest assured that CCP producer Shawne Cryderman has everything organized and prepared for auditions, rehearsals, and performances. Our five directors have their scripts and vision for the plays they have chosen for “The Evening of One Acts”, and the props and costume teams are ready to shop for needed pieces. However, we will wait until we have the go ahead from the CDC and the HOA.

Hopefully we can soon untie that ribbon around the community theatre package and eagerly celebrate being freed from the pandemic.

Meanwhile, if you would like to be placed on the CCP email list please contact either Shawne Cryderman at [email protected] or Susan Sterling, the CCP co-founder, at [email protected]