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Cyd Engel teaching pattern sense.

Cyd Engel teaching pattern sense.

Bobbi Forsch

The Knit Wits had a great class on pattern sense presented by Cyd Engel of Tucson Yarn Company. Discussion centered on pattern selection for making garments, what to look for in patterns and the importance of the swatch and blocking. Cyd presented a myriad of great information, so now we’ll watch to see how many Knit Wits convert from making scarves and shawls to making vests and sweaters. Now that the weather is cooler there may be a lot of garments on the horizon.

Coming up we have a trip scheduled in mid-November to the Birdhouse for Knit Wits to become familiar with the newest yarn shop in town. The Birdhouse opened where Kiwi once was. Our holiday party is in early December and our year has flown by. New co-presidents have been elected and they are planning, with committee chairs, so there will be no interruption in programs and fun knitting in the New Year.

Once again, if you’re interested in joining Knit Wits we meet every Wednesday morning from 9:00-11:30 a.m. at HOA One Activity Center in Rooms Three and Four. We have a lot of fun so come by and meet us.