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Handsewn saguaro, complete with bird nest and flowers on top

Amazing costumes

Carol Chiarello

We have been quite the social butterflies lately. In October, the club welcomed several of our most recent members with a “Newcomers Tea.” Held at one member’s home (thank you, Brenda, you have a beautiful home with such interesting books and décor!), this event includes the Board members of Knit Wits, lunch and dessert. Our club has over 80 members (no, they do not all come every week) so it is a nice way to get to know the newest members.

Then Halloween fell on a Wednesday, so we had a party! How many Knit Wits would dress up? Well, we were a bit surprised that nearly 90% of our members showed up in creative costumes and the rest pretty much wore orange and black. We had fun food including pretzel fingers and ghoulish cupcakes, games, prizes and lots of good laughs. Congratulations to our best costume winners, Marcia Munich as the Wicked Witch from Snow White, and Nancy Erb as a saguaro cactus. Honorable mention goes to the rest of the witches, the nun, the fancy hat ladies, the people with spiders on them, Mrs. Claus and the Hawaiian luau attire. That was fun! And thank you to Dianne Barnard and her committee, Kathy and Donna, for cooking up this spooky event!

The Knit Wits will finish up the year with a holiday party as well as our regular weekly conversation and plenty of sharing of information. We are starting to collect dues for 2019 ($12 a year for all this entertainment), so this is a great time to come by and see how joining our club can improve your life.