Jewish Friendship Group news

Marilyn Anthony

Our Mother’s Day Dinner was on the beautiful new patio of HOA 1. Most of the diners enjoyed delicious rainbow trout with rice and a dessert of lemon sorbet. Everyone thought the setting was beautiful and the dinner delicious. We are definitely being spoiled by Chef Dave! Larry Stillman read a sequel to his Letter From Camp SaddleBrooke which was delightful and greatly enjoyed by all. Each of the women was presented with a beautiful red rose by Bill Kaplan to celebrate their special day; truly a lovely evening.

June 17, 2017 will be our Father’s Day Dinner at the Roadrunner Grill Patio at 5:30 p.m. It will be an outdoor barbecue with skirt steak or grilled chicken, cole slaw, ranch beans-no bacon and brownies.

Cost: $24.50 including tip and tax. Checks must be received by June 7, 2017. Please send payment to Laurie Colen, 63845 E. Orangewood Drive. Sorry guys, but Bill won’t be handing out a beer to each of the men present.

The May coffee hosted by Laurie Colen and Joan Cohen was very well attended. Unfortunately, the day was quite chilly and windy so no one went outside onto the lovely patio. Thanks to Laurie and Joan for having us over. There may be a coffee during the summer – details to follow. Should you like to host one during the coming months, please contact Leslie Nagy at [email protected]. These would be lovely intimate summer coffees and greatly appreciated by all the attendees.

Sam Horowitz hosted our final session of the season and we thank him for his input and knowledge of this long book. Voting for the reading list for next season will be during July; Sandy Epstein is now accepting nominations. Having a Jewish author, content or theme are some considerations for making book nominations which can be either fiction or non-fiction.

Our group has been enhanced by several new members this year. Each meeting was well attended with lively discussion and we look forward to our meetings next season, so get your nominations in soon!

For further information about the JFG, please contact Bill Kaplan at [email protected].