Jewish Friendship Group May News and Happenings

Marsha Foresman

The Jewish Friendship Group (JFG) has had an active and rewarding season. We were able to meet in person for all activities, which allowed new members to join us.

On the morning of May 12, Carol Gordon hosted the Ladies’ Coffee. All interested members were able to attend, as the coffee was held in her yard. One of the really special things that came out of the event was the formation of a Hospitality Committee to welcome new members. The Jewish Friendship group is as the name implies: Our mission is to welcome like-minded people to our organization. We have learned that having a committee, rather than one person who is busy running the organization, means that new, interested people will get special treatment. That might encourage more people who come to SaddleBrooke to give us a try! If there are sufficient ladies interested in meeting for coffee, we may try to have an event during the summer. If you wish to host a Ladies’ Coffee, please contact Sandy Rosen.

On the afternoon of May 12, the JFG Book Club met at the home of Linda Merrit. Lorraine Stillman led a small group of “bookies” in a discussion of A Letter of Mary, by Laurie R. King. A Letter of Mary is a mystery written in the style of Arthur Conan Doyle. In this book, Sherlock Holmes is married to a women 40 years his junior. Her name is Russel, and the book is written in her voice. In 1923 Russel’s friend has come to visit her from Palestine with a gift. The gift appears to be an ancient parchment, which appears to be written by Mary Magdalene. Shortly after the friend’s visit, she is killed, and the mystery begins. Sounds like a summer reading must. The Book Club will meet in October.

The Jewish Friendship Group held its last official meeting of the winter/spring season with 40 people attending on May 21. We opted for a taco bar set upon the patio at the RoadRunner Grill at SaddleBrooke One. When we arrived, we discovered that due to the high wind, the staff very appropriately moved the venue inside. The wait staff reconfigured the tables so we could converse while dining. We thank Trisha for arranging the date for us. We did socialize before sitting down to our scrumptious dinner. Kudos to the chef and his team. All the newcomers were welcomed to both SaddleBrooke and our group. People mixed and matched, and new friendships were made. That’s what our group is all about!

We hope to keep some of this positive momentum going forward into our monsoon season. After all, not all of our members are snowbirds or travelers (at least not all at once). Members will be getting emails about a possible Ladies’ Coffee and a no-host dinner during the summer. If you have any questions about the group, feel free to contact Sue Berman at 520-818-1954.