This I Have Learned … Their Favorite Things!

Mary Jo Bellner Swartzberg

We received a “Catalog of Favorites” in the mail the other day. Favorites? Well, the catalog was a clothing catalog and, frankly, I am about tapped out on clothes these days, at least until I cull previously termed favorite clothes out of my closet.

But there are other favorites that could be talked about here: favorite foods, TV shows, music, books, movies, sports, to name a few.

But thinking of favorites—foods and music in particular—here are some people you may have heard of and their food and music favorites. Some of these may surprise you!


John F. Kennedy: Tarragon Chicken

Barbra Streisand: Either pommes de terres soufflées and Steak Diane or a great Nathan’s hot dog and French fries

Frank Sinatra: Stuffed artichokes

Venus Williams: Cherry pie

Marilyn Monroe: Steak

Tony Bennett: Pasta

Paul McCartney: A vegetarian diet

Brian Wilson: Vegetables and salmon

Albert Einstein: A vegetarian diet

Richard Nixon: Meatloaf

Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Scottish smoked salmon (lox) and caviar

Neil Armstrong: Spaghetti with meat sauce, scalloped potatoes

Tiger Woods: Steak and potatoes


John F. Kennedy: Jazz

Barbra Streisand: Apparently, her own!

Frank Sinatra: Jazz

Venus Williams: Hip Hop

Marilyn Monroe: Jazz

Tony Bennett: Also, his own!

Paul McCartney: Anything by Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson: The Beatles, The Four Freshmen, George Gershwin

Albert Einstein: Mozart

Richard Nixon: Jazz and Country

Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Opera

Neil Armstrong: Country

Tiger Woods: Hip Hop

And my favorite food? Street tacos. Music? Anything by Stan Getz and, of course, the Beatles!

Ever thought about your favorite foods or music?