Hello “Jewel” generation

Dee Saunders

We are excited and pleased to announce that our new website is up and running. Please check us out at www.jewelgeneration.com. We thank Jenny Rink from SaddleBrooke for the awesome job designing our fabulous site and for the many hours spent on this project. Click on our blog and read about Jenny. She was chosen as one of the ten finalists in a contest with Microsoft. Congratulations, Jenny–you make our Jewel Generation proud.

For those visiting our website for the first time, “Jewel” is an acronym for Journal for Experienced Women Enjoying Life. The publication will focus on topics that interest our generation and fashions that complement our body style and age, modeled by age appropriate women.

The Jewel philosophy and goal is to have the advertising agencies and retailers recognize us as a powerful financial demographic and a prime engine of commerce. In fact, statistics show that our generation is the third largest economy in the world, second only to the U.S. and China. Additionally, we hold 80 percent of the country’s net worth and spend over seven trillion dollars a year in goods and services.

Remember, we are the priceless, timeless women of our generation, the jewels on the family tree. With enough Jewel voices, our hope is that we will soon be recognized as a force that not only should be catered to but has the ability to greatly influence the economy and market in many ways.

If you are interested in contributing articles, please email us at [email protected].